Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tuesday in London/ the Last Day in London.

On our last day in London we packed our bags and dumped them at Euston station while we enjoyed our last day.
We went to the V&A to get our tickets for the Bowie exhibition and then we went to the Borough Market and had a salted beef sandwich and sat in the sun for a while as we had achey feet and were feeling a bit grumpy from it (and we got a tad lost which didn't help!). After a yummy dinner we went to Brick Lane and got lost again as I was trying to find Atlantis... we were about to give up but eventually found the art shop and I got my favourite yellow ink and brown ink! Yey! I can do some painting now!

We then went to the Hummingbird Bakery and got some red velvet cupcakes before heading to the exhibition. When you head into the exhibition you are handed headphones attached to a little cassette thingy that would play different songs, or play people talking in the videos you passed throughout which was really cool. There were many outfits/costumes worn and designed by Bowie aswell as music sheets, hand written lyrics, videos and album artwork. I found it amazing that noone was dancing around! I was rocking side to side whilst listening to Starman. Then we stepped into a room with a video taking up all the walls of Bowie and lots of people were bobbing their heads to it which was lovely (it was also nice to have a little sit down in a dark room and listen to great music with people who love great music too!). If you live in London you should definitley go and see it! Especially since it's in such a lovely art gallery/museum with wonderful carved marble busts and statues!

PS. I got an awesome lightning bolt badge/brooch from the exhibition shop!

After the exhibition we sat outside and ate our yummy red velvet cakes and fed the crumbs to some cheeky pigeons. We then stocked up on water and other drinks (as it was boiling) and sat about in Soho. We nattered and people watched and talked to pigeons. It was really nice. We then got to the station and ate a cake from Patisserie Valerie. They do amazing cakes! I ate a lot of cake that day! We then got our train and listened to Queens of the Stone Age...

and that is the end of my amazing adventure in London... i'll be back soon! I PROMISE!

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