Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Friday in London.

We arrived in London late on Thursday, where we found our hotel and got settled in.
On Friday we got up early and headed to Camden, where we had breakfast at the Diner. I had the buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and a hard shake - peanut butter and good! After a yummy breakfast we headed into the Camden Lock/markets where we nosied about the shops, ate churros with salted caramel and had a nice sit in the sun.

In the afternoon we met up with Viv and we went to Vauxhall Farm where I got to boop some pig noses and stroke rabbit feet, as well as gobble at a turkey and stroke some sheep heads. The pigs were my favourite by far! With their rubbery noses and grunting! I did a bit of drawing and then we went to Tate Britain. It was nice to wander about and look at some wonderful and terrifying (McDonald's Room) art. After the Tate we headed into Soho where we found Honest Burger and I must say, they do the BEST burgers...with red Leicester and an onion chutney. With the burger came chips with rosemary salt! I'd never tried such a tasty chip!

With full bellies we made our way over to Gosh Comics for Gary Northfield's comic book launch for Teenytinysaurs! I got my comic signed and I drank some beers and chatted with the super talented Fred Blunt who was a really nice chap who put up with my waffling! I then got to meet An Vrombaut who created 64 Zoo Lane (which I used to watch as a child with my nephew... I must admit that I still love it!) we had a nice chat about illustration and animation! It was really nice to meet her and all the other lovely people. Maybe next time i'll be braver and talk to more people. It also inspired me to kick my own bum into gear in regards to getting my work published as I felt a bit like the odd one out as pretty much everyone there was published!

Before we went back to the hotel I wanted to try and get a photo with Viv where it looked like we were floating (basically caught jumping)...but it didn't go quite to plan but we got a fun gif out of it! and a lovely gentleman complimented us on our jumping skills!

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