Friday, 31 August 2012

My new desk...

This is my new trestle desk. I LOVE IT! It's the first (and best) thing i've bought from IKEA. It's so big and makes my room smell like pine!ahhh!

It may look a little cluttered now but there's still so much space! I have some notebooks, my snake, some cacti, mugs with pens/pencils in and a few lovely teddies to keep me company. There's also lots of room underneathe which makes a change from the desk I had for ten years!


On the 25th of August I turned 23!
I awoke early and promptly demanded some presents! My boyfriend handed me my gifts and made me breakfast in bed...

Pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream.
He suprised me with some beautiful flowers.
I got a wonderful foot massager, hair straighteners, Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape on vinyl (we're in love with vinyl right now)and the Woman in Black and Pocahontas on blu ray...
One of my friends got me this awesome lens mug! It looks like a lens but I can drink from it! SO COOL!
One of my other friends made me a cheeky inside joke present which also tasted damn fine! I demanded everyone try it...everyone had a blue tongue!
My best buddy made me a magical box of gifts with sweets, gingerbread dinosaurs (and Alan Grant) some alocoholic jelly shots (which have been devoured before photo, some make up and a little alien charm along with some other great gifts!
We went to Nando's and I wore this lovely little fellow that my boyfriend bought for me last year from the amazing marta dlugolecka!!!

Last but not least, my sister bought me a Simba tattoo. I've loved the Lion King since I was a child and continue to love it...I even watched it in 3D in the cinema and I saw it live in London. The Lion King reminds me of my friends, my childhood and my awesome sister...definitley one of my favourite tattoos now!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ohh Deer pillow fight competition...

Yet again I am entering an Ohh Deer competition...this time the competition is to design a pillow case/cover...there have been some amazing entries and i'm hoping people like mine:

Sunday, 5 August 2012

London Film...

When in London I used my Mum's old Halina Vision Cxms 35mm film camera to take a few photographs. Not all of them turned out but it was fun to use and the photos that turned out are pretty cool.

I couldn't be bothered to scan all the photos so here are my top 4:

The Natural History Museum.
It's a bit dark, but here are two lovely birds having a conversation.
Some awesome graffiti.
Last but not least, a photo of me and Viv. One of the photos got cut in half but they still joined together, so hey Presto! One complete photograph using two photos! I'm easily pleased haha.


Back in 2010 my boyfriend and I went to Scotland for the week. I also took my 35mm film camera along with me (Canon AE-1) and have only recently had the film developed.

So here are my favourites:
PS. It rained A LOT!

These photographs were taken using a colour you can see what a miserable day it was when we went to the beach with the dogs (first three photographs). I like how they look like B&W photos though. I love the third photo as you can see Bruce running along and you can see some seagulls flying in the background.