Sunday, 27 November 2011


If you would like to buy this as a print then please email me at:

Sunday=painting! (and Zelda)...

Neat version (if slightly stretched) of Batman and Robin? card design and a neat version of Terry the Toucan... i'm going to keep at the character designing for him... any excuse to paint a bird.

ALSO: If you would like to do an art swap/have a natter/discuss a commision etc then please comment on my posts or even have a looksee on my art page.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Character Design.

This is Terry the Toucan.

He's still in the early stages of design but I quite like him!
He's for my new story!

What do you think???

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


These are some owls I drew a few weeks back.
I like drawing owls.
The last owl is super pretty...especially in the actual photo!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Want a Free Print?

I recently came across this amazing giveaway thing by the Drawing Book's very simple, all you do is click on the picture you like and email a nice guy called Matt saying what power is to you and then you share it with friends and get a free print! If you love art you know you're going to have to do this !! You can comment on as many prints as you like too!

I commented on this lovely picture by Nathaniel Eckstrom!

Go on! Your know you want to!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Random ramblings of a sick and achey Lady.

Awful photo of me.

As a British person I do enjoy to complain...i've recently got myself a part time christmas job at Next. I've just finished my first week there. I am enjoying it and some of the people are sooo body isn't used to such activities as looking up for ages for tag numbers and running up and down tall ladders (which scare me to death)and so my feet, calves and neck are acheing... and I have a horrible headache from drinking too much lovely Starbucks coffee...ugh.

I've been chilling, eating cheese toasties and watching Hercules (disney cartoon not the tv series, which I love too). Bruce is snuggled up in my spare quilt and my repltiles are keeping nice and toasty.

I'm working on some stories and little drawings... as i've been inspired by the lovely Viviane Schwarz! You should look at her blog as she's awesome!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Never Let Me Go.

Just playing about with some font.

Recently I have been listening to Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine and every time I listening to Never Let Me Go I imagined Florence as a I painted her as one. I also did a little giveaway, where I asked my followers to guess the artist and song.

Christmas cards (roughs).

Party Penguin, Sleepy dog and Happy Polar Bear. These are a few of the christmas card designs that I have been working on...I think the polar bear might need a bit more work but i'll see if I have time. I do like my party penguin.

These are a couple of rough designs that I like and will turn into neat versions.

I will be getting some of these printed very soon so please let me know if you are interested in purchasing some.

Long Overdue.

I tried to upload this in time for Halloween, but alas my internet connection was rubbish...but NOW...I have proper broadband! I'm so happy! Mr. Walrus wasn't sure what to wear for Halloween!