Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lovely Stuff.

I recently did an art swap (of sorts) with the talented Miss Ladybird Likes aka Zoe Bateman. I drew her beautiful pup in exchange for one of her fantastic necklaces! I love love love my camera necklace and wore it straight away! She also sent along an adorable cherry brooch and (very kindly) a 10% discount code! and she packages everything so beautifully! She really made my day! I hope she loves her Pup illustration as much as I loved this package of goodies! I shall post a picture of the illustration once it has been recieved!

Ride Like the Wind.

This is my entry for the Ooh Deer Tee Party Competition.

I love books.

I love books. I love buying books...old or new. It doesn't matter. I love the feel, the look and the smell. Here are some I aquired recently:
I want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen and No by Marta Altes are two of my recent favourites. I want my Hat Back is so funny! I love it! My boyfriend even found it funny too (and usually he's not a big fan of children's books). No is just adorable and also very funny. I love dogs so this won me over straight away.
Here are two books I bought from a charity shop. The line work and colour in Mr Big is excellent and Raymond Briggs' When the Wing Blows is amusing and quite sad. The colours inspired/and still inspires my Lionel work.
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is really fantastic and Laura Carlin's work makes it even better!!!
This is one of my favourite spreads by Wolf Erlbruch. I love the use of mixed media. Adorable characters.

I won things!

At easter I guessed the easter egg and won! I won the easter egg and a copy of Wrap Magazine which is really beautiful. I can't wait to use the innards to wrap a present...though i'll only use it for special people.
Also, a while ago I guessed the characters that Becka Moorillustrated and I won the illustration and some other amazing goodies: the little mirror that I really wanted and some uber cute kitty cat magnets!(Yes I know the illustration is upside down...i'm a silly goose).

Monday, 9 April 2012


Images of a little dummy book I made with neat spreads.

I have been busy with my job and busy with worrying and procrastinating.
To get my book published would be a dream come true...I think the thought scares me a little bit too...I also keep worrying about my page layouts and whatnot...I think once i've figured it out I can get my dummy book made and sent off!

I think i'm starting to learn that it's ok to redraw stuff and try new things...though I have been procrastinating...most annoying...but I put this down to feeling uninspired as of late and in a bit of a creative rut...going to get plenty of drawing done on my two days off and i'm planning on making a Lionel teddy.