Sunday, 29 April 2012

I love books.

I love books. I love buying books...old or new. It doesn't matter. I love the feel, the look and the smell. Here are some I aquired recently:
I want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen and No by Marta Altes are two of my recent favourites. I want my Hat Back is so funny! I love it! My boyfriend even found it funny too (and usually he's not a big fan of children's books). No is just adorable and also very funny. I love dogs so this won me over straight away.
Here are two books I bought from a charity shop. The line work and colour in Mr Big is excellent and Raymond Briggs' When the Wing Blows is amusing and quite sad. The colours inspired/and still inspires my Lionel work.
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is really fantastic and Laura Carlin's work makes it even better!!!
This is one of my favourite spreads by Wolf Erlbruch. I love the use of mixed media. Adorable characters.

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