Sunday, 29 May 2011

What i'm up to...

Last week I finished uni. It felt weird...and it still does a bit. My pictures were up on the wall, all work (apart from a few bits I forgot cause i'm an idiot)handed in, three hours sleep and I got my promotional pack > done! Woo.

I didn't cry...though I probably will at one of the exhibitions...which you should come to...

This beautiful poster is illustrated by my fellow talented classmate, Stavros Siamptanis.

At the moment i'm working on a story I wrote and illustrated a few years back. It wasn't good enough to send off to Macmillan, and i've got some great ideas to simplify and illustrate it...very excited!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Tonight/ this morning holds the last few remaingin hours that I can get my work finished to take to class tomorrow. I feel so far away from the end.It's my own fault...every year I do the same damn thing.

I had a terrible day and it's still going...though i'm not angry or crying anymore...just a bit numb and feeling insane.

The End is Nigh!