Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm off to London!

After finishing a 10 hour shift I can happily say that i'm off to London tomorrow! Huzzah! One of the first things i'm going to do in London is eat those pancakes! It's going to be nice roaming London again, seeing some musicals, going to a comic book launch and seeing a good friend (amongst other lovely things). I'll make sure to do a big blog post when I return of photos and drawings done in London!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Little Catch Up.

I'm currently rewriting and illustrating a classic tale and a fable.
These are my favourite panted pieces so far.

I'm going to London in a week!!! yey! It's going to be filled with great food, art, museums, friends, Harry Potter studios and musicals! It's all I can think about at the moment, but i'll just have to contain myself as I need to get some work done!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Star Trek into Darkness...

Last week I watched the new Star Trek film twice! At Imax 3D and Vue 2D. When I was younger my brother used to make me watch Star Trek but then I started to like it and as i've gotten older I like it even more. I may even go as far as to say I love Star Trek. I really enjoyed the new film! It's full of adventure, anger, sad times and good times and fights. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant as you get to see him as an angry and strong character, whereas I have only seen him play a skinny genius. I recommend watching it!

(Hope you like my little illustration... I've taken to making my pictures's fun!)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Knights of the Round: Game of Thrones Submission.

I finally got around to finishing my illustration of Sam from Game of Thrones for the competition by Knights of the Round I thought I would draw Sam as I don't think anyone else has drawn him for the competition. Plus he seems like a lovely fellow, a bit of a coward sometimes but he has a good heart.