Sunday, 31 March 2013

Things Inspiring me...

1.Kelly Walton 2.Ian Turner 3.Matte Stephens 4.Monica Tramos 5.Emma Lewis 6.Kate Hindley 7.Ana Galvan 8.Fred Blunt 9.Chuck Groenink 10.Carson Ellis 11.Efrat Shoham 12.Henry Mccausland

I have been a big fan of some of these artists for quite some time now but I never get bored of the. There are also some new ones that I have come across recently and love their work and hope you do too.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Recently I was commissioned to recreate illustrations from my portfolio. These photos were taken by the kind people who commissioned me and it seems they're really happy with the outcome. It's so nice to see my work hanging in someone's house!
I really appreciate every person who follows my blog/twitter/facebook and I really really appreciate those of you who have commissioned me and who may one day commission me. It all helps me buy more art materials/pay bills/feeds me and makes me a happy little illustrator. Thank you!!!

I got a Job!

I found out last Tuesday that I got the job at Greggs! Woo! It's such a relief to know i'll have a steady flow of money coming in again as money goes so fast/doesn't last long and I have a few holidays coming up in June! (I'm going to London to see the Book of Mormon and Les Miserables and i'm also going to Download festival!yey) My induction is on Monday! I'm looking foward to learning some new skills and get out the house as searching for jobs makes me feel miserable...and working will stop me worrying/thinking about hearing back from publishers.