Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Anorak Packed Lunch Competition.

I was so excited to enter this competition that there's still another month to go before I find out who the lucky 12 are!

This is Henry viii and his packed lunch, which consists of: Roasted Peacock, Beaver Tail sandwich, Red wine, Fruit cake and Guillotined Sausage!

If you would like to enter the competition then details are on the Anorak blog.

Thursday, 6 October 2011



As of late I have been working on a Children's Book for my sister. Not sure if we will be sending the book off to a Publisher, I think we're mainly doing it for her children. The story is about her new adorable puppy, Harry.

I have also been enjoying doing some self portraits. This is me looking quite freaked out... but what is it??

I'm also editing my Dirty Dog story as I got some good advice from a publisher. I hope I can edit it in such a way that they want to publish it.