Friday, 31 August 2012


On the 25th of August I turned 23!
I awoke early and promptly demanded some presents! My boyfriend handed me my gifts and made me breakfast in bed...

Pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream.
He suprised me with some beautiful flowers.
I got a wonderful foot massager, hair straighteners, Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape on vinyl (we're in love with vinyl right now)and the Woman in Black and Pocahontas on blu ray...
One of my friends got me this awesome lens mug! It looks like a lens but I can drink from it! SO COOL!
One of my other friends made me a cheeky inside joke present which also tasted damn fine! I demanded everyone try it...everyone had a blue tongue!
My best buddy made me a magical box of gifts with sweets, gingerbread dinosaurs (and Alan Grant) some alocoholic jelly shots (which have been devoured before photo, some make up and a little alien charm along with some other great gifts!
We went to Nando's and I wore this lovely little fellow that my boyfriend bought for me last year from the amazing marta dlugolecka!!!

Last but not least, my sister bought me a Simba tattoo. I've loved the Lion King since I was a child and continue to love it...I even watched it in 3D in the cinema and I saw it live in London. The Lion King reminds me of my friends, my childhood and my awesome sister...definitley one of my favourite tattoos now!

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