Thursday, 6 June 2013

Saturday and Sunday in London.


On Saturday we went to the Borough Market where I ate the best Salted Beef Sandwich with mustard and pickles! It was amazing! I then ate a goats milk salted caramel ice cream! It was one of the best ice creams i've ever eaten! You should try their pistachio flavour aswell as it tastes just like them! Which was a lovely suprise as I have tried pistachio ice cream in the past and been disappointed. We bought some treats and drank sangria whilst sitting in the sun. Then we went to Soho and had a wander in some shops aswell as having a cold drink in the sun (again! It was SO warm and sunny!)and then we went to the Prince of Wales theatre to watch The Book of Mormon musical which was hilarious! After the musical we went to Hamleys and had a smoothie.

On Sunday we didn't really have anything planned, so we had breakfast at our hotel and decided to go to Hampstead Heath (close to the meat!). Whilst there we did a lot of sitting on benches, playing with dogs, laughing at dogs swimming, coming across a strange fellow, having a little ramble and a lie in the sun. We stupidly decided to go to Camden... I say stupidly because it was ridiculously hot and ridiculously busy but I had a giant piece of pepperoni pizza and a big churro with dulce de leche inside it! We got pooped on by some cheeky starlings and headed back to the hotel to watch some crap telly and drink cider. Rather a lovely weekend, wouldn't you say?

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