Thursday, 6 June 2013

Monday in London.

On Monday we awoke early to make sure we got the train/bus on time to arrive at the Harry Potter Studio tour. The music from the films played through out and we got to see propers, costumers, creatures and set pieces. It was really magical ( I know, i'm lame!) and made me feel like a kid again. I must red the books again soon! We had some butter beer which was very sweet, and kinda like a coke float. I liked it! and it gave me a sugar boost, which is why i'm pulling such odd faces in some of the pictures! After the tour we headed to Honest Burger and had a yummy burger and cider.

We then wandered about Soho again and watched Les Miserables. The stage was amazing as the centre of it span round, so that when an actor was walking along it made it seem like they were actually going somewhere. Javert's suicide scene was fantastic aswell: a bridge lowered from the ceiling, as he sang he climbed over the edge and was stood on the ground/hanging on to the bridge and then the he let go and the bridge lifted back up to the ceiling and a light shone down and spun about looking like water. SO clever. I nearly cried a few times as the story and music is quite moving. We had very good seats with a great view and it was lovely and loud. I really recommend it!

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