Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Just a little update.

I can't believe it's nearly March... time seems to be going too fast and too slow- as i'm waiting for feedback on my work from publishers...I think it's only been about a week since I sent my work off, i'm quite impatient. The thought of getting feedback has knocked me off my drawing a bit but I have managed to write some stories...some of which I think could actually work and be good picture books, though i'm sure publishers won't see it that way. My stories still need a lot of work.

Today i'm going to try drawing in a different style,in a different medium, drawing a different subject matter...so I can then jump back into my usual styles and ways. Kinda like exercising...I don't know. My Auntie suggested it. Hopefully i'll feel a bit more confident after it. Anyone else ever feel lost after sending work out to important people?... I feel like I have to wait and can't do anything new until I get feedback, which I know is ridiculous...but ahh well! The mind of an illustrator!
Please let me know if you have any hints/tips/ideas to help me or get in touch if you've been feeling like this too!

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