Thursday, 7 February 2013

50 random things about me...

I love stuff like this...I always have...enjoy:

1. I have blue eyes
2. I'm a natural blonde
3. I wanted to be an archeologist, Egyptologist and a dog when I was a kid.
4. I love birds and bats.
5. I love eating pasta but get bored cooking it.
6. I was a vegetarian for 7 years but now eat meat again.
7. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years.
8. I am one of six kids and I am an auntie to 14 (soon to be 15).
9. I enjoy writing handwritten letters.
10. I don't like the word succulent or the phrase " the tender age".
11. Playing trivial pursuit makes me feel stupid.
12. I love being an illustrator but I worry that all my art is crap...I try not to ask my Mum for her opinion because I know she
will say she loves it and i'll say it's crap and then she would be annoyed at me.
13. I have an irrational fear of moths and butterflies. I will cry if one touches me.
14. I have two taxidermy ducks named Frodo and Harvey.
15. I hate that some of my favourite childhood cartoons are being "remade" using CGI.
16. I always feel like I have to explain myself.
17. I worry that i'm clingy and scare people away.
18. I worry a lot.
19. I have been to 7/8 festivals.
20. I don't want to learn to drive as I get road rage even though I can't drive.
21. I get all waffley and ooh and ahh-ish when at art galleries and museums... I feel like I turn a bit pretentious as i'm in love with art and history.
22. I wanted to be a witch so bad when I was a kid.
23. This is my age.
24. I have three dogs, a snake and a gecko.
25. Jurassic Park/the Lion King/Total Recall/Lord of the Rings are my favourite films.
26. Batman and Superman are my favourite heroes.
27. I love cheese.
28. When feeling crap I make up dance moves to cheer myself up.
29. I am slightly OCD about having clean hands and checking the hobs are off before I go to bed.
30. Favourite books: The Lord of the Flies, the Whitby Witches, The Witches, Lord of the Rings.
31. I am 5ft 1".
32. I have had many fillings in my teeth. I'm scared of the dentist.
33. I'm terrified of rollercoasters.
34. I love being the only couple in a cinema screening.
35. I love the smell of paper.
36. I don't like getting butter/little bits of food on my hand when preparing food.
37. I love the moon.
38. My favourite alcohol is southern comfort or pear cider.
39. I enjoy baking. I make a mean victoria sponge/lemon drizzle cake/cookies.
40. I hope to become a published picture book maker in the near future *crosses fingers*.
41. I have a pierced lip and used to have a pierced nose.
42. I have 8 tattoos. One says Bite Me in french on my neck.
43. I hate Disney's The Black Cauldron.
44. I would love to travel the world.
45. I want to hug David Attenborough.
46. I am quite gullible.
47. I listen to songs on repeat...for hours/days.
48. My nickname is Eric and used to be Froggy.
49. I hate seeing my reflections in clothes shops.
50. I like polite people and people who say Good Morning.


  1. loved reading these :) i too love bats, it makes me sad when people say they don't like them! i spot lots of other similarities here too x

    1. Yey i'm glad! I worry that my 50 random things would be boring! But I enjoyed yours too! Bats are awesome :D It makes me sad when people say they don't like rats/bats! Though people are always suprised to find that i'm scared of butterflies!x