Thursday, 28 February 2013

February in Review...


1. LOSE WEIGHT: After eating a mountain of pancakes the past few weeks i'm now on the right track and making sure to exercise every day and i've cut out snacking on silly things.

2. READ MORE: I'm doing pretty terrible with this at the moment as i've been stressed and basically lazy. Going to finish Alice in Wonderland today to make sure I finish February properly.

3. SEND WORK OFF TO PUBLISHERS: It has now been a week since I sent my work off. I think about it every day which isn't very good but I am looking foward to getting some feedback.

4. SAVING UP: I've started to sell some unwanted items which I guess counts in a way... I also have opened a shop on society6 (if you fancy taking a peek.buying something then just look here.)

5. USE FILM CAMERAS MORE: Not had a chance to due to lack of money. Sick of going on about money.

6. GET A NEW JOB: I have two job interviews coming up in March so that's exciting/terrifying.

7. GET OUT THE HOUSE MORE: A few weeks ago I went to the zoo and have been taking Bruce to the park more...i'm also going to see The Darkness this Saturday! yey!

8. HOLD AN OWL: I crossed this off last month so I shan't mention it next month.


- I hope at least one of my job interviews goes well and I get a job.
- I hope that I get some feedback from publishers or at least one publisher.
- I hope to have lost a stone.

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