Friday, 17 September 2010

The first day of the Last year.

Yesterday was my first day back at uni. We've been moved back into the room we had in first year. We're to be in pretty much every day! So much more work to's scary!

This is my wonderful board is soon to be covered in inpirational images!

Once we were given an introduction into our third year we set up our exhibition, " Me, Me, Me" and then we had a wander round the room and here is just smidgen of the talent...

This is Leigh B looking through my Me Me Me book.

This is my best friend Rachel setting up her work.

This is Tom...

...this is his board with his work on. I love his use of colour!

This is Hannah's awesome mirror with her hair and smile drawn on. So cool.

I thought this was souch a sweet idea. This pretty box of personal information was created by Imogen.

I thought this was such a clever way to portray yourself. Helen is really in to fashion/stitching. Clever lass.

It was a very tiring and rather shocking day but i'm so excited to get into the deep and scary mess that this year is going to be! Wish me luck!

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