Friday, 17 September 2010

What fell through the cracks...

As of late i've been quite busy with summer projects and just life in general. I thought it best to upload my LEP illustrations which i'd forgotten to upload. So here they are...

This image was not used, unfortunatley. Due to some it wasn't actually a reader's story. Nevermind though, as I enjoyed drawing it. The image title is "Taste" basically talking about the sophistication of food and wine.

The story that I illustrated this for was called, "Undercover Gran". My lovely boyfriend helped to come up with the Bond-eque style.

A christmas story. Quite a sad story talking about how thinking about people at christmas time. The people around you are more important than shopping.

"Bar One" you see a mysterious man in a pub.

This illustration was for a story called, "Accidentally on Purpose". In this image you can see two children looking on into the kitchen to see the chair next to the cooker, where previously their mother had tried to kill herself using gas.

" Another train of thought".

" Extract from the Compostela Key".

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