Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Snow on a house across the street.

Errol sat in his cage.

This is just a small amount of what i've drawn over Christmas. I sometimes feel like what i'm drawing is boring due to seeing it around my house everyday...

On another note, it's not long till I return to Uni! I can't wait to get my sketchbooks back! I have missed them so! Also, getting back into the swing of things and sitting at my nice big desk rather than leaning on my knees...i'll be a hunchback one of these days due to lack of desk space at home!

Projects to come: External (competition) and Honours...which can be anything we want it to be. For my external I will be continuing my Dirty Dog story and making it the best I can so I can send it off...and for my Honours...well,hm...I may do another children's story, a sequel to Dirty Dog maybe? It's hard to decide! I'd love to do some kind of instillation or something to do with paper puppets. It's hard writing your own brief.

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