Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

My New Year's Resolutions:

1.) Lose Weight! I would like to get to the weight I was in my second year of University (like in the image above). Being such a chubster at my height is really not good for my health and I aim to live till at least 100...so I best start looking after myself.

2.) READ MORE! I feel like i've not read a proper book in ages...I think the last set of books I read were the Hunger Games trilogy. I aim to go to a charity shop and pick 5 books of different genres and give them a read. ( The small amount of books: Under promise - Over achieve.)

3.) Send my work off to Publishers/Get published... this will be the tricky one. I aim to have my portfolio done by the end of January at the latest. I have a couple of people who are wanting to look at my portfolio, which is exciting but I need to make sure not to get my hopes up too much. It's hard not to sound cheesey saying this, but it really would be a dream come true to have a publisher like my work enough to want to publish it.

4.) Save up! I'm quite terrible with money...I do have a savings account so i'm going to make good use of it so that at somepoint I can go to France/Italy/Germany/Holland...i'd love to travel!

5.) Use my film cameras more/get films developed! I have quite a collection of old cameras and I would love to get some proper use out of them. Plus I have some films from a few years ago that I need to get developed...I think there are photos of my dog in the snow...

6.) Get a new job. This is quite an important one(...though if I work fast and hard enough I MIGHT get to enjoy resolution number 3...) as I need to pay for bills. Boo. I wish I could draw and paint all day.

7. Get out the house more. I'm quite lucky as I have quite a few events lined up: Download Festival, London to watch a few musicals and explore the city and a few music gigs! This is good, though I need to walk my dogs more and just explore Lancashire and my surrounding areas a bit more...as it can be boring just sitting at a computer/desk all day dreaming of the fun things going on in the world. I think I will write a list of all the places to visit this year.

8. Hold an owl (or a vulture) I love all birds and would love to hold an owl.

I wish you all the best of luck with your resolutions and I hope you have a great year!!!

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