Monday, 23 July 2012

London Holiday Part 2...


We went to the Lyceum Theatre to watch the Lion King and it really was amazing! The puppets/colours/music/acting/costumes were just so so good! I wish I could of taken some photographs. I cried quite a bit at the part just before Mufasa died, then when he died too. After the musical we went to the Tate Modern for the Damien Hirst exhibition. My favourite pieces are the dead animals in formaldehyde. I only realised whilst walking between the dead cow that she had a baby in her! Aw. Sad! The butterflies scared me. We also saw some people running about and singing on the ground floor...eerie! We couldn't take pictures inside so I recreated a picture I wanted to take: me infront of the shark!


It was our last day! Boo! But we met up with the wonderful Viv Schwarz and had a lovely coffee at Pret A Manger (and I got to look at her dummy books which are just fantastic! Even in rough form!), we had a nice chat about London/camera/food/children's books etc, then we went to Brick Lane and had a delicious salted beef bagel (I had a pickle on mine...SO GOOD), we then had a nosy about and went to Atlantic- an amazing art shop that if I had lots of money would spend it all there. I got some ink that I needed and Viv was kind enough to buy me and exciting green ink! YEY!IT'S SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! After the art shop we went to Bethnal Green to the Museum of Childhood! I wish I could play with all the toys! After the museum we took some photos together and said our goodbyes.

(Me with Viv! yey! She's such a lovely, happy person! Was so awesome to meet her!)

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