Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just One Of Those Days.

Lionel looking sad...i've decided he needs to look a bit messier: hair and such...he needs some bogies aswell...

Lionel discovering he's not well. His mouth needs to be wider...I painted this first and then added the linework...I like how the colour isn't perfectly in the lines.

This is my entry for a talenthouse competition to illustrate one of Stoffel De Roover's smoke photographs. You can support and vote for me here! Thankyou!


  1. Wow! How interesting competition! When i was a child,i always used to see monsters and animals in the smoke of my mother's cigarette.
    Now i smoke but see nothing :)
    Voting for you,

  2. I know! Was lots of fun to take part in. Here are some more of Stoffel's photos:

    Thankyou for your support :) xx