Saturday, 17 December 2011

If I wish Hard Enough...

I'd love it if in the new year I can get my new story drawn up beautifully and sent off to publishers...i've been very fortunate in friends and their advice and it would be down to their kind words and inspiring positivity if I get published.
I would LOVE to get published. To see my book in print. To see smiling children and parents read it. I've always loved children's books and I can remember being tucked up in bed and demanding to have the BFG read to me. I remember also drawing from Quentin Blakes' illustrations and drawing up my own stories as a child. I want this more than anything...though a house would be nice too :p and a proper studio...i'm waffling now.

I've finally put the decorations up. Got work pretty much all week.
Hoping to get presents bought this week too. Can't wait!
The bird decoration I won from the Landbaby at the bluecoat.

Pretty foil trees!

Christmas cards and dangly snowman.

Decoration my Mum lovingly made :)

I also went to a meal with some of my favourite people and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts! Here are the beauties!

It was nice to relax and eat and talk rubbish whilst giving and reciving gitfts! Grace got me an awesome book called, " The Creative License" and two jars of flavoured coffee...chocolate caramel and vanilla...i'm a little mad for the vanilla one and sing: " COFFEE coffee COFFEE coffee!" when i'm on my break at work.

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