Monday, 1 November 2010

I won something I did!

About a month or so ago I entered the Up and Down competition. All I had to do was say why I loved the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers...and I was so happy and suprised to find that my entry won! I was one of the lucky 15!

Today was the day that me and James drove down to London. We got to HarperCollins a bit early and we had a sitdown in the reception area. It's very white inside the building with books and pictures about the place. I'd love to work there. We then got taken to the room to meet Oliver! We all sat down and was introduced and then we were recorded saying: "UP AND DOWN!!!" whilst holding the new book...I got to stand next to Oliver!:D He then signed the book for us and was so nice and asked about me doing illustration and wished me luck.

After being cheeky and getting him to sign a few other books I got to have a photo with him...well...yeah...^ Ignore my horrible face! Ha!

Then each of us went up to the top floor and read the new book whilst being recorded. I of course went red and made a few mistakes but Laura and the camera woman (feel bad for not remembering her name!:/)were really nice. We also got given a goody bag! It contained Oliver Jeffers books, print, poster, height chart, postcards and activity sheets!weee...and some other books: Paddington Bear, Mog, Tobias and the Super Spooky Ghost Book and A year in Bramley Hedge books.

It was so nice seeing a small part of London and going to such a well known publishers. Everyone was really nice and I feel really I must get some beauty sleep to dream up some wonderful ideas!

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