Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sleepy Lady...

It is late and I am tired from tidying like a crazy person...and then pigging out like a piggy wig!...UGH...

I will upload this weeks LEP illustration around the weekend...well, before we leave for Scotland.

Tomorrow will hopefully consist of me exercising like crazy to burn off those tasty treats, and coming up with zine ideas and working on the two summer projects i've been given by my course at uni. One is basically doing a few editorial pieces, and the other is all about myself...i'm hoping to buy a lovely sketchbook for it...make it rather pretty and inventive.

SCOTLAND IN A FEW DAYS!...I've never been to you can probably tell...I can't wait! Taking Bruce and looking after some lovely spaniels. For some reason I imagine us sitting on a big hill with misty mountains around us...ahhh...lets hope! Shall be taking lots of photos and doing many illustrations...even if it's a whole book of mountains...or scottish people!

I do apologise for the lack of sanity in these blogs...but I wouldn't be an artiste if I was sane, now would I?

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