Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Art from the New World

On the 15th May, my boyfriend and I made a trip to Bristol to see the Art From the New World exhibit and to meet some lovely artists.

This is me with my artist friend, Brandi Milne. She's just the loveliest!!!

This is Brandi Milne's piece from the show. The colours used are so beautiful and the bold lines just make me happy. I enjoyed looking at this piece as close as I could...looking at the tiny details...like the sparkly breath coming from the bird in the girls arms and the skull mask. I also loved being able to see the grain in the wood and the texture of the paint strokes.

Liz McGrath's Cerberus...you can tell that this took a LONG time to put together. The vast amount of sparkly jewels is just entrancing and the crystal fangs are immense. I love their glowing eyes and pretty snarling faces.

Wallacavages' chandalier...I wish I had the money to buy one of these chandeliers. There are two of these at the gallery, the other being a light green and lilac. The detail is amazing and I just love how the tentacles are holding shells with the lights in!

I think I may of squealed and charged when I noticed Camille Rose Garcia's piece. The amount of times I ended up back at this piece of art! I love the colours and the sparkly black glitter. Again, I loved being able to see where the artist's brush had made its mark. The detail in her work astounds me...her bold colours and wonderful use of the wood she has painted on.

I adore this little piece by Mike Stilkey. I will upload a pic soon of his large piece in the entrance to the gallery/museum. I love how orignial his way of painting upon books is, and his melancholic, fragile and beautiful characters he paints upon them. I had the pleasure of meeting him. He was very kind and signed my postcard and poster and put up with my ramblings of me calling him a "genius!"

This piece is just so amazing to see in person...the amount of detail she puts into her paitings is just fantastic. I love the expressions on the women's faces and the beautiful and unusual hats they are all wearing. I also love how they all have expensive and strange things in their tea cups. My mum said this painting looks like a photograph, which I fully agree with.

There are so many photos that I still NEED to upload for you to see the wonders on show! The artits were very friendly and sweet and the artwork is, as Scar once said, " To Die For".

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